Premiere Night, Auto China


Oliver Schrott Kommunikation


VIP event


wushu led show, Leona Lewis


developing of all creative show elements & directing the show in Beijing


To introduce the new led technique of the concept car „shooting break“ in China, we connected the best of both worlds - high tech led-costumes & led-weapons choreographed in wushu movements. Together with Moritz Waldemeyer/ designer, Steven Coleman, Captain of the Great Britain Wushu Team & Adam Rae/ Choreographer, we created an individual show act in London. In Beijing the cast was completed by 12 masters of wushu. It felt like an animated lightpainting, but everything was real and live on stage - a great experience. And this was not the only one. In the same show, we had Leona Lewis introducing the Maybach. She was performing 6 songs live synced  to Avatar-like motion graphics.




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